Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people can go on a ride?  We have three sleighs.  A Family Sleigh that can take from 1 to 6 people.  A Group Sleigh that can take up to 10 average size people and a Fancy Sleigh called a Vis-à-vis (sit facing each other).  
  • When does the Sleigh Ride season start? As soon as we have 10 inches of good packing snow.  Historically snow doesn’t arrive here until after the holidays.
  • How long is the Sleigh Ride?  The Sleigh Ride last about 40 minutes.
  • Are the sleigh rides Private?  Our Sleigh Rides are Private by Reservation Only.
  • What is the Campfire Package?  We stop partway through the sleigh ride where a fire has been built, hot cocoa is there to warm you up and marshmallows and roasting sticks are provided for a sweet treat.  This addition will add 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Are there accommodation’s locally?   There are many bed and breakfasts, hotel in oxford etc.  There is also an Off Grid Yurt in the woods for Rent at our Farm.   
  • I don’t understand your rates.  $100 is the Base price.  One to Four people can go for $100.  We don’t necessarily charge per person.  When your group is over four people then each person is an extra $10.  For instance if you have 7 people in your group the charge will be $130.00. ($100 for the first four and then $10 for each of the three extra for an additional $30).  What about 2 people?  $100.  Why you ask.  It is ALOT of work keeping horses.  They eat a lot of grain and hay and pasture in the summer.  They need to be kept healthy and fed.  That takes many man hours.  Also the sleigh ride trails need to be kept up and cleared, pastures also need work to be able to provide enough green pasture in the summer.  Then there are the sleighs and harnesses.  We haven’t even talked about the barnyard and barn upkeep.  Farming is everyday most of the day.  WE love it and have the space for it.  Bill’s ancestors settled here in 1810.  We hope to carry that on for generations to come.