About Us

We are a thriving, small Maine farm and welcome visitors any time of year. Please have a look at our history and the good things we offer

High View Farm, in Harrison, Maine, has been in the Winslow family since 1810. Bill and Darcy Winslow carry on the dream of Bill’s father, working with draft horses and milking cows

They also raise and supply sustainably produced dairy products and cage-free eggs. When winter arrives on the farm, Bill and Darcy crank it up a notch and get ready for their classic horse-drawn sleigh rides.   High View Farm is home to free-ranging Belgian draft horses, Guernsey and Jersey milk cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, rabbits, barn cats, hardworking dogs, and a guard donkey. The farm is always changing. You might come to the barn expecting to see the lambs or cute calves you last saw there and find they’ve gone. But before you can get disappointed, you’ll find in their places a new milk cow and a clutch of fuzzy yellow chicks. Change is growth on the farm: it’s one of the many ways that High View continues to thrive.

High View Farm is Bill and Darcy’s reverie, their labor of love. Whether you come to the farm for a sleigh ride, yurt stay, dairy delights, or just to say hello, you will have a chance to see a dream realized. You can be a part this dream: all you have to do is show up. You may slow down to pat a kitten and realize that you’ve found a new family member. You might witness the twinkle in Bill’s eyes as he hitches up his team. You could also catch Darcy elbow-deep in butter and lend her some help or hold a warm egg in your palm to complete your dozen. And you can always invite your family and friends on a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the Maine woods or dream in our yurt—creating yearly traditions and timeless memories.   Regardless of how you show up, please know that Bill and Darcy Winslow invite and welcome you to come feel the wonder, vitality, peace, and joy at High View Farm.