a working farm, family owned since 1810

Happy cows

Guernsey Dairy

Our barn store carries rich eggs and world-class raw milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, and butter—hand harvested and made here on the farm from the milk of our grass-fed Guernsey and Jersey cows. The milk contains a high beta-carotene content, creating a brilliant color that’s earned our dairy products the name “Maine Gold.” We’re pretty sure you’ve never had better butter.


Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride

Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides

Establish a tradition for your family and friends and enjoy winter in all its snowy glory. A sleigh ride stirs the senses and relaxes the soul: strong horses, crisp country air, and jingling bells—when you crawl into bed after a sleigh day, you’ll sleep deeply, wrapped in the ride’s wonders. Whether you’re in Maine to conquer the local slopes, game hunt, or bliss out fireside, nothing compares to witnessing winter at a sleigh’s pace.

Yurt Stays

Yurt Stays

Stay overnight year-round, in the round. Built from local, sustain-ably harvested timber and wrapped in heavy-duty Duro-Last, our spacious yurt is situated in a secluded spot on the forest hills behind our farm. It’s truly off the grid (no running water or electricity), and inside, you’ll find all the accommodation you need—hand-selected furniture, lofty skylight, wood stove, burner stove, potable water, sink, cold storage, cooking supplies, water, lanterns, and more.