Real Dairy

There is a herd of Gorgeous Guernsey Dairy Girls at our Barn.  Five Cows and Two Heifers.  High View Farm milk is often sold the day it comes out of the cow and is never more than a few days old.  Guernsey milk contains 12% more protein, 30% more cream, 33% more vitamin D, 25% more vitamin A and 15% more calcium than average milk.  


Belgian Draft Horses

Five Belgian Draft Horses live at our farm.  Red is a 23 year old Gelding that was born on the farm but then went to live at another farm for many years.  He has been back on our farm for about six years.  Madison was a yearling when she came to live at our farm.  She is originally from Florida.  Madison is Fifteen and has had many foals of which we have kept three.  Dixie is seven, Star is six and Dickie is four.  They are all well over 2000lbs each.